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Soundstage is an independent Hi-Fi & Home Cinema specialist based in Barnet, North London. We've been supplying and installing the finest in Home Cinema and Hi-Fi since 1978 -  including Amplifiers, Loudspeakers, Turntables, CD Players, Streamers, TVs, AV Receivers, Blu Ray Players & Projectors - from manufacturers such as Arcam, ATC, B&W, Chord, JVC, KEF, Linn, Naim, PMC, QED, Rega, Rotel & Sonos. Come and visit us for a chat, and a free demo session at the shop.

Enhance the listening experience

It's our love of music and film that inspires us to create the ultimate hi-fi and home cinema experience. When Motown were mastering all those amazing records they listened to the final mix on a pair of $15 speakers, as that's how their customers would hear them! At Soundstage, we hold the opposite view - we want to enhance the listening experience of the original recordings, so you can pick out the subtle details in music that usually get lost on inferior, or badly installed systems. On a great sounding hi-fi, you should hear the breath of a singer on the mic, feel the electricity surge through a hammond organ, or the snap of a snare drum. Every sound should be as close to the original recording as possible.

Expert advice 

We'll offer honest, expert advice, and we're not afraid to say if something isn't right for you. We also relish a challenge, and love experimenting with different combinations of equipment, whether you're after a warm sound with lots of sub bass or a crystal clear vocal, our systems will provide an overall sense of realism to your music.

Trade in your old system

We're more than happy to accept a trade-in for your well loved hi-fi equipment, if it means you go home with your dream soundsystem. Just let us know some details about the product you'd like to part exchange, and bring it down to us in the shop.

What our customers say about us:

" An absolute joy to do business with. Their passion and enthusiasm for their products are matched in equal part with fantastic technical knowhow. Whatever spec of hifi you're after, you won't find a better place to buy. "

Luke Syrett

" Absolutely outstanding service. Dealt with Ed, the manager, and he was beyond helpful and understanding. Would recommend to everybody! "

Konstantinas Sevela

" Dean and his whole team is magnificent, not only are they highly passionate the know their products inside out, their installation has been seamless and their aftercare superb."

Suzanne Ferreira 


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Relax in our demo room and listen to these beautiful B&W 802 D3s loudspeakers


Exterior view of our Neon sign


ATC SCM19s speakers paired up with the all new Rega Planar 3 turntable


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Without music, life would be a mistake
— Friedrich Nietzsche
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