Brand new Soundstage website!

Welcome to the first post of our brand new blog.

We're on an eternal quest to find that perfect sound. So over the coming months, we'll be recommending our favourite audio equipment, and taking an in depth look into why we think these products sound so great. 

As well as our obsessive love for hi-fi & home cinema equipment, we'd also like to share our passion for film, music, art, design, surfing, architecture, travelling, philosophy... in fact, pretty much anything, and everything, that inspires us. 

Also, every month we'll be compiling playlists of our favourite tunes in the shop. Check out the latest selection! 

As the late, great Bill Hicks once said, " Enjoy the ride " 


B&W 686 s2 Bookshelf speakers with Rotel 15 Series Integrated Amp & CD player