Linn Series 5 - New 'Timorous Beasties' Fabrik range

"Specially Engineered, Meticulously Crafted"

Timorous Beasties designs are individually printed onto specially engineered Linn Fabrik by Glasgow School of Art’s Centre for Advanced Textiles. Every Linn System is designed, crafted and built in Scotland.

" With 10 distinctive designs, customise the look of your Series 5 system and enjoy astonishing performance with exceptional style. Linn has joined forces with fellow fearless Scots, Timorous Beasties, in a unique collaboration of acclaimed design and peerless sound. Pioneers in our respective fields and united by a shared passion of craftsmanship and innovation without compromise. If you’re looking for a beautiful music system with breathtaking musicality, Linn has you covered; choose the perfect Timorous Beasties design to complement your home. "

Each Series 5 System with a Timorous Beasties cover is handmade to order and production may take up to six weeks. To make sure you’re at the front of the queue, reserve your system today:


Linn's Series 5 customisable music systems uses:

  • Exakt technology to deliver world-class sound, and preserves the integrity of the original studio recording.
  • Space Optimisation+ removes the unwanted distorting effects of your listening environment, and reveals the true sound of the music. 
  • Fabrik offers unique style and customisation of Series 5, without affecting the performance.
  • Isobarik Bass System lets you enjoy a depth of bass normally associated with much larger speakers by using two bass drive units working in tandem, positioned face-to-face at the foot of the speaker.