A Day of Vinyl - Turntable Open Day

Thanks to everyone who joined us for “A Day of Vinyl” at our Barnet Hi-Fi Studio on Saturday 9th July 2016. You arrived clutching your beloved vinyl, and hopefully left us enlightened, hearing your favourite records like never before!

The Rega RP10 Turntable was set up to perfection by our resident turntable surgeon, Derek, who spent all morning meticulously balancing the Aphelion MC cartridge, and RB2000 tonearm, with his trusty toolkit and protractor. He also imparted sage advice on turntable care and maintenance - giving us the chance to drool over some of your own turntables - Like the Linn Sondek LP12 - a modern classic, that still looks fresh after 40 years.

Thankfully, you also have impeccable taste in music, and we got to listen to a wide range of tunes: from the beautiful falsetto of Jeff Buckley; the laid-back electronica of Boards of Canada & Nosaj Thing, psychedelic rock from The Doors and 13th Floor Elevators, classic jazz from Art Blakey & Miles Davis, and an exciting fusion of jazz & electronica from Floating Points.

The Bowers & Wilkins 802 D3 Loudspeakers really came into their own with the dynamic range, and brooding darkness of Massive Attack’s Mezzanine LP, which showed off why these speakers are unsurpassed - Bone-shaking bass, combined with those crystal clear diamond tweeters. All powered by the pristine sounding Naim NAP300 DR Power Amp, with its own separate power supply.

To be honest, we could have happily spent an entire week just dropping the needle of the skeletal Rega RP10 into the the first groove of the record - totally hypnotic. 


Don’t worry if you missed the event, as we will be delighted to arrange a demonstration tailored to you! 

Rega RP10 turntable event