Astell & Kern / Chord - High resolution portable audio

Listen to studio quality sound on the move! We are very excited to announce we are now an official dealer for both Astell & Kern, and Chord Electronics.

We have the whole range of A&K players available to demo, and buy:

Astell & Kern - AK70

“ The most sophisticated hi-res music player you can buy for under £500 ”

  • This player, with its sharp distinctive design, has a lovely balance and naturalism to the sound, and can store up to 64GBs of music. Unlike a standard MP3 player (which plays stripped down, overly compressed audio), the AK70 uses 24-bit audio which comes close to the original sound that the recording artist intended, giving you 6.5 times more detail than a standard CD would. 
  • It’s also a digital-to-analogue converter (DAC) so can be integrated with your current home hi-fi set-up to improve your system’s overall sound quality.
  • WiFi is included for streaming music with Spotify, and it has a bright touchscreen which shows off the album artwork.

Astell & Kern - AK380

This flagship portable player offers the most authentic sound from any digital music format with enhanced features. Click here for more info. 

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Chord - Mojo

WHAT HIFI? Award Winner - Best DAC £400-£800

  • Mojo brings studio quality sound to your pocket and is the ultimate, truly portable, DAC/Amp. Inside Mojo is a massively powerful headphone amplifier that will deliver crystal clear audio whether you use in-ear buds or large studio cans, it will even play almost any audio file that you can find, up to 768kHz 32bit, and quad DSD 256.

Here’s why our shop manager, Edgars, rates the Chord Mojo so highly:

“ Very impressed with its DSD playback capabilities, as well as the portability, and the fact that you can have a little portable headphone amp with you that produces amazing powerful sound. The two headphone outputs mean you can have two sets of headphones listening for those shared moments of music on the go or at home... Even the biggest and heaviest headphones will be well driven with this little nifty device. " 

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