Rega - Planar 6 NEO turntable with Ania MC

Rega have been busy re-engineering every aspect of the RP6 turntable - with the aim of extracting as much detail from the surface of your vinyl as possible. 

It has advanced anti-vibration control, and user adjustable electronic fine speed adjustment ( only found on the RP10 until now ) thanks to the NEO external power supply source. Combine this with the Ania Moving Coil cartridge, which comes pre-fitted, along with the RB330 tonearm, and you’ve got the makings of a modern classic!

Each turntable comes with a smoked glass platter, and a matt ‘Polaris’ grey finish to the plinth.

Check out the promo video for further details, or get in touch to see just how smooth that spin really is.


Rega P6