Rega Planar 8 Turntable – Under the skin

The new Planar 8 delivers stunning performance, taking concepts from its predecessor, the RP8, as well as the Planar 6 & the ultra limited edition Naiad turntable.

Rega have changed the shape and construction of its skeleton plinth ( which contains a foam derived from the aerospace industry ) making it 30% lighter than the RP8. It also has a heavy glass platter, split into 3 sections with the weight concentrated at the outer edge which helps to reduce noise.

It comes fitted with the RB880 tonearm (which has a new bearing assembly, reducing unwanted movement ) and the Neo PSU, which offers electronic speed change, advanced anti-vibration control and user adjustable electronic fine speed adjustment.

Every aspect of the Planar 8 is engineered to extract as much detail from the vinyl surface as possible.

It’s available with or without a factory-fitted cartridge, but has been designed around the Ania moving-coil cartridge.

“Rega’s Planar 8 really advances the idea of what constitutes state-of-the-art vinyl playback at this price.
It has the remarkable ability to thrill & entertain, and is an exceptionally well thought-out design that really delivers”
Hi-Fi Choice – Dec’18


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