ATC Loudspeakers vs Soundstage – Review

On the 12th of September, Soundstage, at our North London showroom, hosted an ATC Active Loudspeaker Event, with ATC called , ” Active: Hear the music how the artist intended. “
The showpiece of the event were the ATC SCM100A loudspeakers. For many people active speakers are still a bit of a mystery so Soundstage and ATC decided to host a night for guests to experience why active speakers are different from their passive counterparts.
For the ATC Active Loudspeaker event, Ben Lilly and Dave Spiers, both from ATC, attended the evening and answered everyone’s questions, in detail. Ben took centre stage and talked through the pros and cons of active speakers, the differences, and when one is applicable over the other.
ATC's Ben Lilly explains the differences between active & passive loudspeakers.
The reference system for the evening consisted of ATC SCM100A; our own Naim ND 555; and Linn Klimax LP12 as sources alongside the ATC SCA2 preamplifier. We played through a selection of tracks that show the wide capabilities of the speakers before taking suggestions from those in attendance, Nina Simone’s Sinnerman being a particular standout of the evening.
In the shop, we had our ATC SCM40 Loudspeaker powered by the new ATC SIA2-100 integrated amplifier alongside the ATC CD2 CD player. As an analogue option, we also had our Michell Engineering Gryo SE Turntable connected.
Our shop manager Alex talks through the qualities of an ATC hi-fi system.
Our ATC SCM7s connected to a Naim Uniti Atom, ATC SCM11s were also close by. Our ATC SCM50s were connected to the McIntosh MA5300 integrated amplifier, using the Naim NDX 2 with Naim XPS as a source to give those who attended a good showing of the ATC SCM range.
The event was well attended and we have had many kind messages since. There are a few more events planned for the rest of the year so please check our social media, as well as the website to keep up to date with all things Soundstage.


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