Linn Karousel – Improve the sound of your LP12

Stability – We all strive for it, on an unconcious level, especially in times of strife where the sands are constantly shifting beneath our feet. Advances in technology have made our lives in the western world more comfortable, you could argue, than at any point in Earth’s history. So when something dramatic happens (like say, a pandemic of a novel coronavirus) our lives, and all the habits we’ve picked up over the course of a lifetime, are knocked off kilter. In times like this we must centre ourselves, adapt to the changes, and find balance and stability again.

As a lockdown of the UK looms, and we are forced to retreat into the relative safety our homes – we’re able to seek solace amongst our immediate family, and inevitably within the grooves of our beloved vinyl collection.

The Linn Sondek LP12 turntable has witnessed some turbulent times since its incarnation, and although physically unchanged, its modular design has ensured that it has remained as fresh as the day it was created, back in 1972. Each element is able to be precision engineered, and refined to improve sound quality. Whether that be the power input, cartridge, tonearm, or belt. The latest engineering advance is the Karousel single-point bearing, which is able to offer a smoother rotation of the LP12’s platter, and more importantly it provides that most elusive of beasts – greater stability, enabling you to hear more detail in your music.

We have an Akurate level LP12 with the Karousel bearing pre-fitted to demonstrate it against an Akurate with the Cirkus bearing – allowing you to hear the difference the improved bearing makes to the overall sound quality!

Please feel free to book a home demo, and hear the difference.

Take care of yourselves.


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