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We wanted to improve the sound quality of the shop so we could have an additional listening space at the front of the store, in addition to our dedicated demo room at the back.

The ideal solution was to install the Avalon Flow hybrid absorber-diffuser wall, by Artnovion Acoustics. It’s made a huge improvement to the sound, and with its flowing parametric design, it looks the part too!

The wall is made up of 15 individual wood & fabric panels, which combine to create a pattern that flows along the walls, morphing and unfolding as it goes.

Artnovion Acoustics | Avalon Flow

Designed and hand made in Portugal, Artnovion acoustic treatment is available in many forms including wooden and fabric designed absorbers, bass traps, and diffusers. It’s been designed specifically for pro-audio in broadcast, and post-production recording studios. As you can purchase individual panels it’s perfect for improving the sound quality of your home hi-fi too. Plus, you can arrange it to create your own custom design.

Avalon Flow | Hybrid Absorber & Diffuser
Absorption Range: 250 Hz to 5000 Hz
Avalon is available in 2 natural wood finishes, and a selection of 7 acoustic fabrics.

Get in touch to find the perfect combination for your home listening space.

Artnovion Acoustics | Alps Diffuser
Artnovion Acoustics | Alps Diffuser


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