Hegel H390 Integrated Amp & Mohican CD Player

Hegel H390

This dual-mono integrated amplifier borrows much of its technology from the reference quality H590. The in-built DAC helps to create an unbelievable soundstage and a natural, open sound. It offers amazing value for money, as it provides reference-quality resolution & musical quality, but without the reference price tag. Managing to extract every nuance from its source, whether that’s a turntable, streamer, or CD player.

Clean, powerful, natural sound 

Using Hegel’s SoundEngine 2, which like a noise-cancelling headphone, will compare what comes into the amplifier to what comes out. It’ll then cancel out any errors made by the amp, subtracting the distortion, without adding any time delay. The results are a completely musical & natural sound.

Available at £4,900.00 inc.VAT

We recently paired the H390 with the Hegel Mohican CD Player, and the results were really impressive.

Hegel Mohican CD Player
Hegel Mohican CD Player

Hegel Mohican CD Player 

Smooth analogue sound from a digital source

The front-loading CD player has a deeper soundstage than most streamers – with more defined musical elements. It’s as close as you’ll get to a smooth & rich analogue sound from a digital source. With a player as good as this…CD isn’t dead yet. 


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