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Swapping out components like the power cable, or the investing in a mains block can take your music closer to audiophile sound quality. They’ll give you more detail, accurate reproduction of the music, and a reduction in electrical noise pollution.

Here are our top recommendations:


English Electric – 8Switch 

English Electric has created an audio-grade network switch specifically for high-performance music streaming. It will reduce electrical noise in the system, optimising the quality of the overall signal.

It is the general belief that digital signals by their nature are immune to the failings of analogue transmission. However, it’s more complex than that and it’s amazing the leap in sound quality that can be achieved with a high-specification Ethernet switch. It’s simple to set-up too!

It comes with a Chord C-Strem digital streaming cable 0.75m worth £40, and a 2-year warranty.

Titan Audio – Helios Mains Block

Plugging your hi-fi components into the Helios mains block will give you a noticeable uplift in sound quality. You’ll even notice an improvement to the timing and dynamics of the sound, as well as protecting your amp from power surges:

“The blocks also incorporate surge protection – a mechanical design which allows for clean and resistant free current delivery, but that remains silent. Surge protection is triggered at 15 amps, and can easily be reset meaning the mains block is able to be used again.”

Titan Audio – Helios Mains Cable

You can combine the block with the Helios Mains Cable, together they enhance the listening experience. The Helios cable supplies a greater current delivery, making it ideal for power amps. 

“ A deeper and wider presentation with more breathing space between instruments and vocals “ Hi-Fi Pig

They are handmade in Northern Ireland, and come with a “ Lifetime Guarantee! “.

Tellurium Q Blue II Speaker Cables

Tellurium Q design award-winning cables specifically for audiophiles requirements. They help your hi-fi system become highly neutral and revealing. They’ve categorised their speaker cables into silver / blue / and black, with each colour intended to match the level of performance and the sonic qualities you’re after.

We particularly like the Blue II as they produce a smoother, warmer sound and are more forgiving across most hi-fi systems.

IsoAcoustic ZaZen

The zaZen is a stable isolation platform designed for turntables, tube amps and other sensitive audio equipment.

At higher volumes, the finer details in your music are often missing or distorted as a result of vibrations. The zaZen  provides a solid base for your audio gear and reveals greater acoustic clarity and detail in your music.

Highly recommended! 

We’re confident that adding any of these components will result in a noticeable improvement in sound to your hi-fi set-up. Why not book in a listening session with us, and you’ll hear the difference!


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