Linn LP12 Service


We can service all current & legacy Linn LP12 turntables.

To get the most from your LP12 it needs to be set-up correctly. The skill is in mastering what’s known as ‘the bounce’, as the LP12 uses springs to form a suspension effect, protecting the deck from vibration.

A Klimax LP12 that hasn’t been set up correctly isn’t going to sound anywhere near its full potential, whereas a Majik LP12 that has been set up correctly, can out-perform higher spec turntables that haven’t been set-up properly.

At Soundstage, we’re proud to have Derek Jenkins as our resident LP12 turntable expert:
Derek is one of the leading LP12 specialists in the UK ( and the world ). Over the course of 40 years he’s set-up, and serviced hundreds of LP12s. So why not bring in your deck to get some TLC, or an upgrade!

Our Linn LP12 turntable service costs £249, and includes:

  • Full break down & rebuild
  • Full clean
  • Oil change
  • New screws
  • New grommets
  • New springs

Derek will let you know of any issues he encounters that you may not have been aware of.
He can suggest upgrades, for example: tonearm, cartridge, sub-chassis, power…etc, and offer replacement parts to suit most budgets.

To book your turntable in for a service:
Tel: 020 8440 9509