Linn LP12 Service


Linn LP12 Service

Whether your LP12 is starting to sound not quite as good as it used to, or you have inherited an LP12 the first port of call is a Service. A Linn LP12 service will bring your turntable back to it’s full potential.

We can service all current & legacy Linn LP12 turntables.

To get the most from your LP12 it needs to be set-up correctly. The skill is in mastering what’s known as ‘the bounce’, as the LP12 uses springs to form a suspension effect, protecting the deck from vibration.

A Klimax LP12 that hasn’t been set up correctly isn’t going to sound anywhere near its full potential, whereas a Majik LP12 that has been set up correctly, can out-perform higher spec turntables that haven’t been set-up properly.

At Soundstage, we’re proud to have Alan Williams as our resident LP12 turntable expert:
Alan worked at Linn for over 20 years and has amazing in-depth knowledge of current and historic LP12s as well as all things Linn. So why not bring in your deck to get some TLC, or an upgrade!

Our Linn LP12 Service costs £249, and includes:

  • Full break down & rebuild
  • Full clean
  • Oil change
  • New screws
  • New grommets
  • New springs

Alan will let you know of any issues he encounters that you may not have been aware of.
He can suggest upgrades, for example: tonearm, cartridge, sub-chassis, power…etc, and offer replacement parts to suit most budgets.

To book your turntable in for a service:
Tel: 020 8440 9509