Chord Electronics CPA 2500 Preamplifier

£3,950.00 inc.VAT

When routing and attenuating signals, a Chord preamplifier both has flexible input and output options, and delivers the purest audio experience with absolutely no colouration and minimal distortion.

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Chord Electronics CPA 2500 Preamplifier

The Chord Electronics CPA 2500 is Chord’s entry-level preamp and represents the most affordable way into Chord pre/power ownership. A full-width design and the perfect complement to our SPM 650 power amp, the CPA 2500 allows the direct connection of up to six ancillary devices via its unbalanced RCA inputs.

For high-performance connections and longer cable runs between pre/power amps, the CPA 2500 is equipped with two pairs of balanced outputs and one pair of unbalanced RCA outputs. Although suitably minimalist in its configuration, the CPA 2500’s balanced output amplifier section utilises a highly accurate, high-performance design, capable of delivering the transparency that Chord amplification has become internationally known for.

The unit can be controlled manually, or via the supplied remote control handset. A front-panel vacuum fluorescent display shows input source selection and volume control functions, which are displayed digitally with figures from 00 to 98. The fascia features balance and motorised ALPS volume controls, input, and output selection BUS switches and a remote IR sensor. Further features include two separate monitor inputs and outputs, for monitoring/recording to CD-R/RW, DAT etc.

As with all our products, the CPA 2500 is hand-crafted from aircraft-grade aluminium to exacting standards, giving a superb rigid construction, unsurpassed vibration-damping and stunning aesthetics.

About Chord Electronics

Chord Electronics were established in 1989 and have gone on to be one of the worlds leading manufacturers of Highend Audio, under the leadership of their owner John Franks, Chord have always strived to to push forward the world of audio to offer landmark products giving fantastic performance mixed with stunning design and build quality.

Based in Rural Kent on the banks of the River Medway, Chord’s main goals are always to offer innovation and uncompromised audio quality and with customers like Skywalker Sound, Air Studios, and Even Sir Paul McCartney on their books along with stunning reviews that their equipment gets you can be sure that Chord really do offer some of the best products currently available today.


Black, Silver

Included Accessories

1.5m 10a IEC Mains Power Lead
Reference CPA 2500 Remote
CPA 2500 Owners Manual


Harmonic Distortion:

10Hz -90dB 10kHz -89dB
1kHz -91dB 20kHz -87dB

Intermodulation Distortion:

-100dB on all inputs

Signal to Noise Ratio:

-93dB all inputs except Video (-83dB)

Channel Separation:

10Hz 93dB 10kHz 91dB
1kHz 95dB 20kHz 89dB

Channel Balance:


Frequency Range:

2.5Hz – 200kHz (-3dB)

Input Max:

Disc 1 3.6V rms Radio 3.6V rms
Disc 2 3.6V rms Tape 1 3.6V rms
Video 3.6V rms Tape 2 3.6V rms

Nominal Gain:

1:1.3 (1V AC In gives 1.3V AC Out) RCA in to RCA out

Input Impedance:

47k ohms

Output Max:

15.6V rms balanced
7.8V rms unbalanced

Output Impedance:

470ohms (short circuit protected)

Dimensions Without Integra Legs:

420 x 88 x 355 (Width x Height x Depth)

Dimensions With Included Integra Legs:

480 x 88 x 395 (Width x Height x Depth)


10 Kg


Inputs & Outputs:

6 Stereo Inputs and 3 Stereo Outputs.

  • 6x Stereo Unbalanced RCA Inputs – Disc 1, Disc 2, Video, Radio, Tape 1 and Tape 2
  • 2x Stereo XLR Balanced Outputs – Output 1 and Output 2
  • 1x Stereo Unbalanced RCA Outputs –  Output 1


  • 2x Input selector busses – Each bus connected to one monitor output


  • Fully analogue internal circuity

Key Features

HF Switch Mode Power Supply
Blue Velvet ALPS Potentiometer
-93dB Signal to Noise Ratio
Fully Balanced Circuitry
Analogue Signal Path
Input/Output Buffering
6x Stereo RCA Inputs
2x Stereo XLR Outputs
1x Stereo RCA Output
Convection Cooled
IR Remote Control Included
Solid Aluminium Chassis


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