Linn Akudorik Speakers

£17,500.00 inc.VAT

Providing a musicality and distortion-free performance that's off the scale, this is a stand-mounted speaker like no other.

The elegantly curved, rigid cabinet houses a high quality bass driver and Linn 3K Driver Array, providing the musical accuracy you'd expect from Linn. However it's how each drive unit is fed a near perfect signal that sets this speaker apart.

The innovative stand houses the Exakt digital crossover, volume control, Linn DACs and power amplification, with a dedicated channel for each of the four drive units. Signals are passed from stand to speaker using a unique 4-way connection through the base of the cabinet, so you won't see any messy wiring despite the complexity of the electronics.

Our Katalyst DAC Architecture then converts these signals with an unprecedented level of control, ensuring a deeper insight into your favourite music.

Just add a Linn DS or DSM with Exakt Link and you have a complete music system that preserves the original sound like no other compact speaker can.

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  • Ultra-low resonance, pressure-formed cabinet
  • Exakt technology and Aktiv amplification built-in to the stand
  • Connects via Exakt Link to any Exakt-enabled Linn network music player
  • Linn-designed 3K Driver Array for wider dispersion, precise high frequency response and single-point source accuracy
  • Katalyst DAC Architecture
  • Doped paper cone bass driver with symmetrical balanced drive applies even force to the coil in both directions
  • Standard and high gloss real wood veneer or bespoke colour finishes
  • Solid aluminium base plate with locking adjustable spikes for maximum stability
  • A choice of chrome or black finish on the 3K array

Available with the following colour combinations:

Standard Finish:

  • Black Ash
  • Rosenut
  • Walnut
  • Cherry
  • Oak
  • White

High Gloss Finish:

  • Piano Black
  • Rosenut
  • Walnut
  • Cherry
  • Oak
  • White

Overview – Fully Aktiv loudspeaker with Exakt technology built-in to the stand
Main Features:
Exakt – Yes
On-board Amps – Yes
Crossover – Exakt
Speaker Type – Stand-mounted
Exakt – Yes
Space Optimisation – Space Optimisation+
Exakt Link – x 2
Banana/Spade – None
On-board Amps – 4 x 100W
Crossover – Exakt Digital
Bass System – Ported bass reflex
Drive Units:
Super Tweeter – 13mm silk dome
Tweeter – 25mm PU dome
Midrange – 75mm PU dome
Bass – 165mm. doped paper cone
Standard Finishes – Black Ash, Rosenut, Walnut, Cherry, Oak, White
High Gloss Finishes – Piano Black, Rosenut, Walnut, Cherry, Oak, White
Custom Finishes – Yes – match any colour
Cabinet Volume – 12 litres
Width – 304mm
Height – 958mm
Depth – 388mm
Weight – 23kg (including stand)
Available Upgrades – None




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