Linn Akurate LP12 Complete Turntable

£7,010.00 inc.VAT

Re-ignite your passion for music with a turntable that offers elegant design and exceptional performance.

Loaded with upgrades including a separate dedicated power supply, machined armboard, Krystal cartridge and Linn Akito tonearm, this deck delivers a stunningly musical performance that will get more from your favourite vinyl records.

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The Linn LP12 is split into three levels; the entry Majik, the ultimate Klimax and this deck, the Linn Akurate LP12.

Partner the Linn Akurate LP12 with the Linn Uphorik dedicated external phono stage for best performance, or connect it to the built-in phono stage in Akurate DSM.

For vinyl lovers, the Sondek LP12 is still the pinnacle of record player design. With performance unmatched for over four decades, it’s a revolutionary icon that’s still evolving. Plus with its modular, upgradeable design, every Sondek LP12 from 1973 onwards can be fully upgraded to the very latest specification.

From there, the possibilities are endless.

Linn’s aim is simple. They want to bring you closer to the music you love, to feel every note, to experience your music with a clarity and power unlike anything you’ve ever heard. The philosophy is simple too. They don’t make anything unless it’s better than what’s available elsewhere. For us, “good enough” isn’t good enough.

Linn have even set up our own award-winning record label to better understand the recording process: the same people who record the music so wonderfully help design their systems too. They go to extremes to pursue musical perfection.

When you hear the results, you’ll understand why.


Black Ash, Cherry, Oak, Rosenut, Walnut


Overview – LP12 with external power supply and upgraded sub-chassis, cartridge and tonearm
Deck – Sondek LP12
Plinth Options – Oak, Cherry, Black Ash, Rosenut, Walnut
Sub-chassis – Kore aluminium sub-chassis bonded to a machined-from-solid armboard
Baseboard – Trampolin suspended aluminium base board
Power Supply – Lingo Power supply
Speed – Dual speed 33 & 45 rpm
Motor type – High torque 24-Pol-Synchronous AC Motor
Tonearm – Akito precision-engineered aluminium/steel tonearm
Cartridge – Krystal moving-coil cartridge
Phono Stage – Not included
Width – 445mm
Height – 140mm
Depth – 356mm


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