Linn Klimax Solo Power Amp

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Power amps don’t get any better than this. Defying conventional thinking, Linn ditched the bulk and inefficiency of traditional amps in favour of a fresh approach when we developed our reference monoblock amplifier and nearly two decades of continuous development have kept the Solo at the top of the tree.

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The discrete bipolar design is unique to the Solo and uses Linn’s famous Dynamik switch mode power supply to deliver 500 W of effortless, instant power across the entire frequency range.

Combine two Solos for truly exceptional stereo amplification or build the ultimate music system using individual Solos for each loudspeaker drive unit in a fully Aktiv set-up, connected to Klimax Exaktboxes.

  • Single channel power amp
  • 500 W output power (into 4 ?)
  • Discrete bipolar design developed specifically for the Solo
  • Specific Dynamik Power Supply design
  • Precision-engineered enclosure machined from solid aluminium
  • Separate ‘rooms’ for power and audio circuit boards provide electrical and mechanical isolation
  • Energy saving automatic signal-sensing circuitry
  • Fault detection and protection against excessive loads
  • Choice of binding posts or Neutrik speaker connections

Input connectors Unbalanced (rear panel switch position in): WBT Phono socket Balanced (rear panel switch position out): XLR socket Pin connections: Phono-inner hot, outer hot XLR-Pin 1: OV, Pin 2: Hot, Pin 3: cold ? Input impedance Unbalanced 7k8 Ohms Balanced: 7k8 Ohms ? Gain Unbalanced: 28.6dB Balanced: 22.6dB ? Input level for clipping Balanced: 3.34Vrms; Unbalanced: 1.67Vrms; Signal sensing threshold: >150uV ? Output connectors Standard: Neutrik speakon Optional: 4mm sockets ? Output power 500W rms into 4 Ohms, 290W rms into 8 Ohms ? Load tolerance Stable into all loudspeaker loads ? Harmonic distortion <0.02% ? Frequency response 2Hz – 60KHz (-3dB) ? Peak output voltage 70V ? Fuse rating T6.3A ? Mains input range 90Vac – 126 Vac; 200 Vac – 253 Vac @ 50/60Hz ? Maximum input power 1000W ? Typical operating input power 39W ? Standby power <10W ? Dimensions W 350mm x D 355mm x H 60mm W 13.8 inches x D 13.9 inches x H 2.4 inches ? Weight 9kg / 19.84lbs




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