Linn Klimax Twin Power Amp

£7,700.00 inc.VAT

Two channels of Linn’s patented Chakra amplification, a machined-from-solid enclosure, and a Dynamik Power Supply make this our highest performing stereo amplifier. In fact, only a pair of Klimax Solos can power your system more effortlessly.

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Just like the Solo, the Twin uses a machined-from-solid enclosure not only to look good, but also to provide electrical and mechanical isolation between the audio and power supply boards. The Chakra topology offers significantly increased power, reliability and efficiency, with less heat and distortion than conventional designs.

Use one Twin for a passive stereo set-up, and add more Twins to multi-amp your speakers or upgrade to a fully Aktiv set-up, connected to Klimax Exaktboxes.

  • Two channels of Linn Chakra power amplification
  • 200 W per channel (into 4)
  • Dynamik Power Supply
  • Electrical and mechanical isolation between power and audio circuit boards
  • Precision-engineered enclosure machined from solid aluminium
  • Energy saving automatic signal-sensing circuitry
  • Fault detection and protection against excessive loads
  • Choice of binding posts or Neutrik speaker connections

Input connectors Unbalanced (switch position in): WBT Phono socket Balanced (switch position out): XLR socket Pin connections: Phono ? inner hot, outer hot XLR ? Pin 1: OV, Pin 2: Hot, Pin 3: Cold ? Input impedance Unbalanced: 7k8 ohms Balanced: 7k8 ohms ? Gain Unbalanced: 28.6dB Balanced: 22.6dB ? Input level for clipping Balanced: 2.4Vrms Unbalanced: 1.2Vrms Signal Sensing threshold > 150uV ? Output connectors Standard: Neutrik Optional: Binding Posts ? Output power 230W into 4 ohms per channel 125W into 8 ohms per channel ? Load tolerance Stable into all loudspeaker loads ? Harmonic distrotion <0.02% ? Frequency response 7Hz ? 35KHz ? Peak output voltage 46V ? Fuse rating T6.3A ? Mains input range 90Vac ? 253Vac @50/60Hz ? Maximum input power 1000W ? Typical operating input power 39W ? Standby power <18W ? Dimensions W 350mm x D 355mm x H 60mm W 13.8 inches x D 13.9 inches x H 2.3 inches ? Weight 9kg / 19.84lbs




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