Linn Radikal Power Supply – Klimax Enclosure (Machined)

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Radikal is the highest performance motor control and power supply available for the Sondek LP12 turntable and comes complete with a brushed DC motor that replaces the standard LP12 AC motor. Radikal also powers the Urika internal phono stage for the LP12, where fitted.


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Linn Radikal Power Supply – Klimax Enclosure (Machined)

The Linn Radikal brings together several breakthrough technologies that enable a completely new and innovative approach to motor control in the LP12, significantly improving its performance. To ensure perfect timing, Radikal’s speed management system auto-calibrates the motor every time the Sondek LP12 is powered on.

With radically reduced electromagnetic noise levels, the precious-metal brushed DC motor delivers a huge improvement in signal-to-noise ratio, getting you even closer to the music.

Due to the unique design of both Radikal and the Urika phono stage, Radikal can be used on its own simply to power and control the motor, or in tandem with Urika, for a doubly impressive upgrade.

Radikal is available in a Klimax chassis, machined from solid aluminium, or our standard Akurate-style chassis, so you can match it to your Linn system.

  • External power supply for LP12 and Urika internal phono stage
  • Supplied with brushed DC motor
  • Speed management system checks speed on every rotation
  • Dual speed: 33/45 rpm
  • Available in Klimax or Akurate chassis

Black, Silver


Introduced April 2009
Type Sondek LP12 Motor Control Unit and Power Supply
Motor 13 segment precious metal brushed DC motor
Mains Input voltage
100 – 120 V
220 – 240 V
Mains Supply Frequency 50 – 60 Hz
Power Consumption (with Urika) 14 W
Dimensions H 60 mm (including feet) x W 350 mm x D 355 mm
H 2.3 inches (including feet) x W 13.8 inches x D 13.9 inches
Weight 10 kg / 22 lbs oz


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