Linn Urika Phono Stage

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This unique moving coil phono stage fits snugly inside the Sondek LP12 turntable and works with the Radikal motor control to deliver the best performance possible when you use an analogue pre-amplifier.

Urika delivers an impressive level of clarity and detail thanks to its location within the plinth itself which brings it as close as possible to the tonearm, minimising cable length and therefore signal loss and noise. Mounted on its own integrated Trampolin base board, the phono stage is also isolated from unwanted vibrations.

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Linn Urika Phono Stage

To ensure consistent and faithful reproduction of the music, Linn Urika phono stage features a dual mono design that banishes any potential crosstalk.

Direct-coupled RCA and transformer-coupled XLR outputs allow you to choose the best connection option for your system and guarantee exceptional performance in all conditions.

Powered by Radikal, which also powers and controls the LP12’s top of the range DC motor, Urika is a transformative upgrade, letting you experience an exceptional performance from your LP12 turntable.

  • Moving coil (MC) internal phono stage for LP12
  • Differential arm cable (T-Kable) with full screening
  • Independent dual mono channel circuitry
  • Mounted on integrated Trampolin for phono stage isolation and improved deck suspension
  • Powered by Linn Radikal



Introduced April 2009
Type Internal Moving Coil Phono Stage
Audio Inputs Direct connection to PCB with captive screened diff erential arm-lead
Input Impedance 75 Ω in parallel with 10 nF
Input Level 812 uV for +6 dBv output at 1kHz
Gain 62.5 dB at 1kHz +/- 0.2 dB
RIAA Flatness +/- 0.15 dB 20 Hz to 20 kHz
Maximum Input (1% distortion) 4.1 mV at 1 kHz
Clip Detector Threshold Input Level 3.5 mV at 1 kHz
Maximum Output 15v peak to peak
Audio Outputs 1 pair of direct coupled RCA single ended outputs
1 pair of transformer coupled XLR balanced outputs
Output Impedance 300 Ω (RCA)
600 Ω (XLR)
(Bandwidth 10 Hz to 40 kHz)
0.03% Output = 100 Hz @ 0 dBv
0.05% Output = 1 kHz @ 0 dBv
0.03% Output = 5 kHz @ 0 dBv
Power Consumption 4 W


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