Lyra Stylus Protection Treatment

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LYRA Stylus Performance Treatment (SPT) is a purified water-based, non-alcohol stylus cleaner that helps keep cartridge styli scrupulously clean.

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Lyra Stylus Protection Treatment

In addition to highly purified water, the Lyra Stylus Protection Treatment contains only very small amounts of organic chemical cleaning agents. Stylus Protection Treatment has proven to be completely safe to use with all phono cartridges (not only LYRA’s). Whatever the cartridge, excessive amounts of liquid should never be applied to the stylus and cantilever.

A key component of Stylus Protection Treatment is the accompanying brush which has been designed with super-soft bristles. Thanks to the bristles it is OK to drag the brush across the diamond stylus of the cartridge.

Most other stylus brushes on the market have harder bristles that are not gentle with the diamond stylus, and could potentially cause damage. Even the LYRA brush must not be allowed to come into contact with any other part of the cartridge.

Upper models of the LYRA cartridge range such as the Skala and Titan i come with a free bottle of Stylus Protection Treatment. For other models, and for refills, Lyra Stylus Protection Treatment as well as the full range of cartridges are available from Soundstage.

About Lyra

Based in Tokyo, LYRA is headed by Stig Bjorge from Norway, with American design engineer Jonathan Carr, and Japanese master craftsman Yoshinori Mishima making cartridges and supervising production.

All products are manufactured in Japan with microscopic attention to detail under the direct supervision of these three. LYRA products are characterized by advanced design engineering allied with Japanese artisanal craftsmanship and build quality. All our products are developed and crafted to be among the very finest available in their category.

Every detail of each LYRA product is thought through and executed with extreme care. LYRA is one of the few audio companies with truly original design development capability. Each new product is designed from the ground and up and introduces meaningful industry-leading advances.


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