Martin Audio Ultra-Compact Coaxial Differential Dispersion Speaker

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The CDD8 is an ultra-compact two-way passive loudspeaker system with an integrated 8” (200mm) LF/1” (25mm) exit HF Coaxial Differential Dispersion driver which can be easily rotated for horizontal or vertical orientation depending on venue design requirements. Its small size gives no indication of its high output capability.

As a stand-alone loudspeaker, it has a multitude of applications and can also be incorporated as an infill loudspeaker in distributed systems using larger CDD models, such as the CDD12 and CDD15.

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The Coaxial Differential Dispersion technology employed in the CDD8 delivers more consistent audience coverage than systems with fixed X° x Y° coverage patterns — projecting relatively more output to the rear of the audience, while having wide horizontal coverage close-up. Its innovative CDD driver achieves ‘point source’ summation of the LF and HF sections — eliminating off-axis variations in frequency response associated with non-coaxial designs. Improving on conventional coaxial designs, which can suffer from high-frequency beaming, the driver features a static waveguide that merges seamlessly with the unique cone shape — maintaining the dispersion pattern out to very high frequencies.

The visually-distinctive enclosure can be used in either horizontal (landscape) or vertical (portrait) orientation, with rotation of the driver easily accomplished by removing the screw-free, protective grille. The curved shape of the enclosure allows it to be surface-mounted close to a wall or ceiling by means of optional wall and ceiling brackets.

Finished in black (RAL9005) or white (RAL9016) as standard, the CDD8 can be supplied in any RAL colour to order.

A full-range, passive two-way system, the CDD8 should be used with a compatible controller with appropriate limiter settings to provide system protection. The EQ and limiter functions of a controller such as the Martin Audio DX0.5, DX4.0 or an iKON amplifier will maximise its capabilities

When used with a CSX Subwoofer, crossover and EQ functions can either be performed by the DX0.5 or DX4.0 or iKON amplifier.

Ultra-Compact, CDD™ passive two-way system
Coaxial Differential Dispersion™ technology
Elegant UPM Formi composite enclosure
User-rotatable coaxial drive unit
Vertical and horizontal mounting options
Screw-free perforated steel grille
8Ω nominal impedance
Discreet mounting accessories
Black or white standard colour options

Live Music Clubs and Bars
Bars and Restaurants
Museums and AV Spaces
Convention Centres
Retail Outlets
Leisure Centres
Houses of Worship


Black, Custom Colour, White

Architectural Specs

The loudspeaker shall be a passive, two-way system ultilising Coaxial Differential Dispersion technology. Its transducers shall consist of a reflex-loaded 8” low frequency driver and a coaxially-mounted 1” exit high frequency compression driver loaded by a static waveguide that merges with moving waveguides added to the cone of the low frequency driver to define the HF horn geometry.

The coaxial driver shall be user-rotatable to enable vertical or horizontal operation as required by the application. Horizontal dispersion shall vary from 110° to 80° and vertical dispersion shall be 60°. The on-axis frequency response shall be 70Hz-20kHz +/- 3dB and the loudspeaker shall produce a maximum SPL of 123dB peak calculated at 1 metre. Power handling shall be 200W AES, 800W peak. Rated impedance shall be 8 ohms.

The input connector shall be a low-profile 13A push-lock type. Low and high frequency sections shall be integrated by an internal 2.3kHz passive network. For optimal the loudspeaker shall be operated in conjunction with a dedicated electronic controller.

The enclosure shall be made from rigid composite material and fitted with threaded inserts for wall and ceiling mounting. The drivers shall be protected by a perforated steel grille with scrim cloth backing.

Dimensions (W x H x D) shall be 256mm x 410mm x 252mm (10.1in x 16.1in x 9.9in). Weight shall be 9.5kg (21lbs).

The loudspeaker shall be the Martin Audio CDD8.


Type – Ultra-Compact, Coaxial Differential Dispersion passive two-way system

Frequency Response – 70Hz-20kHz ± 3dB, -10dB @ 55Hz

– LF: 8” (200mm)/2” (50mm) voice coil, long excursion, shared ferrite motor system with HF
– HF: 1” (25mm) exit/1.4” (38mm) voice coil, polyimide dome compression driver

Rated Power – 200W AES, 800W peak

Sensitivity – 94dB

Maximum SPL – 117dB continuous, 123dB peak

Nominal Impedance – 8Ω

Dispersion (-6DB) – 110˚-80˚ horizontal, 60˚ vertical (user-rotatable)

Crossover – 2.3kHz passive

Enclosure – 14 litre, composite material

Finish – Black, white or custom colour textured paint

Protective Grille – Black or white perforated steel with scrim cloth backing

Connectors – Low profile 13A push-lock

Pin Connectors – Left to right: Input+, Input -, Link -, Link +

Fittings – 6 x M6 inserts for wall/ceiling brackets

– (W) 256mm x (H) 410mm x (D) 252mm
– (W) 10.1ins x (H) 16.1ins x (D) 9.9ins

Weight – 9.5kg (21lbs)


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