Meze Elite Open-Back Headphones

£3,749.00 inc.VAT

EISA High-End Headphone of 2022/23 

With a unique aesthetic and state-of-the-art engineering, the Meze Empyrean Elite delivers an accurate, authentic listening experience ready to meet the highest expectations of the proficient audiophile.

The Elite is an isodynamic hybrid array headphone that combines the advances in audio reproduction with a headphone chassis that delivers extended hours of listening pleasure.

Also has vegan earpads and/or headband – available on request.

Hi Fi+ Awardwinner

☆ 60-day money-back guarantee

Meze Elite Open-Back Headphones

Main Features:

  • Adjustable headband delivers even pressure for any head size
  • Medium-density memory foam ear-pads for perfect isolation
  • Ear-cup precision carved and hand finished and polished
  • Metal hardware is cast zinc and manganese spring steel
  • Includes 1x 1.2m thread Kevlar OFC with Mic and remote
  • Includes 1x 3m thread OFC cable included (no mic)
  • Includes 1x EVA carrying pouch, 1x 6.35mm adaptor & 1x aeroplane adaptor
  • Case: High-strength aluminium suitcase with foam insert
  • Two sets of earpads included: one Alcantara®
  • one Hybrid (Perforated Alcantara® Interior + Real Leather Exterior)
  • Cable options:
    – mini XLR to 3.5mm jack OFC standard cable, 1.2m, or
    – mini XLR to 6.3mm jack OFC standard cable, 2.5m, or
    – mini XLR to 4 pin XLR connector standard cable, 2.5 m
  • Warranty period: 2 years

Meze Elite Headband

“With ELITE, we’ve created something that transcends all barriers of headphone design and engineering and moves to a new, artistic, graceful level. Following in the footsteps of a successful partnership, together with Rinaro Isodynamics we managed to exceed our expectations once again and create something for the ages. It’s not mass production; it’s the craftsmanship that sparks the magic and wonder in ELITE, what makes it exciting, and these are values that we choose over any shortcuts.”

Antonio Meze,

Lead Designer and Founder of Meze Audio

Rinaro at heart

ELITE is the product of a continued partnership with Ukrainian planar magnetic driver manufacturer Rinaro Isodynamics. Each ELITE model features a newly designed MZ3SE hybrid array driver featuring Rinario’s trademarked Parus diaphragm material.

Parus is a unique polymer film strengthened by a semi-crystalline microstructure. When harnessed within a Rinaro driver, the material exhibits remarkable traits of stiffness and stability, producing natural sound transparency along with a wide and articulate soundstage.

The MZ3SE driver builds on the pioneering technology of the flagship MZ3 driver found in the Empyrean headphone. The innovative Isodynamic Hybrid Array technology delivers a more selective acoustic performance to the various areas within the structure of the ear. Advances in diaphragm materials have opened the doors to even higher resolution and accuracy of sound reproduction, setting a new benchmark in headphone design.

Meze Elite

Dual coil technology

ELITE utilises two separate coil technologies, switchback for lower frequencies and spiral for mid and upper frequencies. This specific configuration enables improved frequency targeting for individual parts of the aural canal, presenting a clearer soundstage and superior balance.

Personalise your soundstage

Each ELITE headphone ships with two distinct ear pad options which attach to the earcup assembly purely through the demagnetised field of the hybrid array drivers. 30mm Alacantara pads are supplied for an experience similar to suede, along with a newly developed 25mm ‘hybrid’ pads for a real leather feel as well as the internal flexibility of Alacantara

Meze Elite Deconstructed

Meze ELITE Features: 

Driver type: Rinaro Isodynamic Hybrid Array Driver®

Open-back, Circumaural headphones

Aluminium CNC frame

Carbon fibre headband

Patent Pending pressure distribution wings

Revolutionary isomagnetic ear pads

Anthropometric ear cup shape

Accessories :

Case: High-strength silver-coloured aluminium suitcase with foam inserts

Cable options: 2.5m OFC cable, ending with 6.3 mm jack

1.2m OFC cable, ending with 3.5 mm jack

2.5m OFC cable, ending with XLR connection

Headphone termination: 2x4pin Mini -XLR

Two sets of earpads included: – one Hybrid (perforated Alcantara interior+Leather exterior) – one Alcantara

*Vegan option available by request: vegan earpads and/or vegan headband

Cable options

2.5m OFC cable with XLR connector, 1.2m OFC cable with 3.5 jack, 2.5m OFC cable with 3.5 jack



Rinaro Isodynamic Hybrid Array Driver®


Open-back, Circumaural headphones

Frequency response

3 – 112,000 Hz


32 Ω


101 dB (1mW/1kHz)

Maximum SPL


Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)

 <0.05% (in the whole frequency range)




Diaphragm Type– Rinaro Parus® [MZ3SE]

Frequency response 3 – 112,000 Hz

Impedance 32 Ω

Nominal SPL 101 dB (1mW/1kHz)

Maximum SPL >130dB

Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): <0.05% (in the whole frequency range)

Weight: ~ 420g


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