Michell Engineering Iso Base

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The Iso Base is the ideal platform to place your Michell Engineering turntable. Its inert material characteristic combined with the tenderfeet give it the extra isolation that is necessary for the very best performance from your deck.

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The unique design helps to dissipate external and internal energies acting on the turntable, with a resulting benefit to sound reproduction and presence. The Michell Turntable Isolation Base was conceived to combat detrimental effects of vibrational energy on Michell and other high quality Turntables

The Michell Turntable Isolation Base is a high performance isolation platform, to suit a range of turntables and equipment.

The Michell Turntable Isolation Base offers more effective isolation than standard platforms with extra rigidity and a stronger design with spectacular looks.


  • Highly effective on wide range of surfaces and structures
  • Low profile compact design minimizes space requirements
  • Single acrylic chassis prevents unwanted vibrations
  • 4 point chassis
  • Beautiful looks
  • Specifications

    Dimensions (HxWxD) 16mm x 530mm x 430mm


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