Michell Engineering Orbe Clamp Kit Turntable Upgrade

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To bring all of the added benefit of the Orbe screw-down record clamp to GyroDec and Gyro SE owners, the Orbe Clamp Kit contains a new, threaded record spindle that can be easily retro-fitted to the bronze spindle housing.

Once fitted, the record clamp screws down giving a much firmer coupling to the platter as well as flattening out any warps in your precious vinyl.

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At Michell Engineering, we are constantly looking at improvements to our products that can add real benefit in audio quality for our customers. This has meant that over the years, many of our products have been through revisions and upgrades. However, we have always believed that although we may bring out a new version of one of our products, we also have customers who may want to bring their products up to the latest spec. Take the GyroDec, for example. Now over 25 years since it was first introduced, an original deck can still be upgraded to the specifications of the current model with changes to the motor, the platter, the bearing etc.

As all of our products are based on similar design and engineering principles, we are also able to offer certain upgrades that can improve our decks over the current spec. Again using the GyroDec as an example, we now offer certain Orbe upgrades that add to the performance of the GyroDec and take it to the next level.

If you have a deck and would like advise on the best upgrade route, please contact us and we will happily discuss the options and suggest the most effective course of action to improve your Michell Engineering product.


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