Michell Engineering Orbe Turntable

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The Michell Orbe turntable takes the established concept of the GyroDec and adds to it an extra level of isolation, better structural damping, and an improved motor drive system. As of January 2004 the motor controller employs the revolutionary Never-Connected mains isolation circuit.

For other tonearm options please contact us to discuss.

All Michell Engineer are hand built to order.

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  • Double chassis, suspended pendulum subchassis
  • Damped subchassis
  • 60 mm thick massive acrylic/vinyl platter of high inertia
  • Screw-down record clamp, compatible with standard and 180g audiophile pressings
  • Inverted oil-pumping bearing
  • Custom arm boards available for most tonearms
  • High-quality standalone DC motor with tacho feedback speed control
  • Orbe Controller NC motor power supply with Never-Connected circuit
  • Finished in clear or black acrylic with black or aluminium metal parts
  • About Michell Engineering
    “Throughout our forty year history, we have strived to offer the very best products and service to our customers. Right from our very humble beginnings, we have set out to design and build products that offer true innovation to the audio world whilst still retaining the personal touch that was instilled into the company by our founder – the late John Michell.”

    Tonearm Options:

    The TecnoArm “A” is a fundamental mechanical rebuild of the well-known RB202 tonearm, to which is added monolithic wiring of the highest quality. The arm tube is bead-blasted and perforated, which disperses structural resonances and yields a lower effective mass. The arm wand is internally damped to reduce resonance further, and the headshell is machined flat, to allow true azimuth relative to the bearing cradle. After modification the bearings are re-adjusted for highest possible performance, according to original Rega procedures.

    • One-piece perforated arm casting with internal foam damping
    • Proprietary silver litz cable in a continuous run from cartridge to amplifier
    • PTFE dielectric, metal braided shielding, separate ground wire
    • Silver-plated cartridge clips and phono plugs
    • Two counterweights, matching cartridges of 4-7g and 7-13g
    • Vertical tracking force adjuster in steps of 0.1g
    • Three point vertical tracking angle adjuster
    • One year warranty
    • The TecnoArm “A” is also available in black.

    Black, Gold, Silver


    No Tonearm, Tecnoarm "A" – Silver, Tecnoarm "A" – Black


    Weight 19 kg
    Dimensions 53 (w) x 41 (d) 21 (h) cms
    With lid fully opened 53 (w) x 49 (d) 59 (h) cms


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