Naim SNAXO 242 Crossover

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Upgrade your loudspeakers to active specification with our SNAXO 242 crossover. 


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Naim SNAXO 242 Crossover

Suitable for use in bi-amplified systems, the Naim SNAXO 242 crossover will make the most of your amplifier’s output. Every model that Naim sell is optimised before delivery to suit the specific requirements of your speakers.


Technology & Craft

The SNAXO 242 can be used in bi-amplified systems with two stereo amplifiers, or in a four-pack system using four mono amplifiers. Power to the unit is supplied by a FlatCap XS, HiCap or SuperCap audio power supply. When ordering a SNAXO, you should specify which loudspeaker model this will be used with, as Naim tailor the components within each SNAXO for use with specific loudspeakers. For more information contact your local Naim Audio retailer.

About Naim Audio

Naim Audio is a British hi-fi manufacturer based in Wiltshire, United Kingdom. The company was founded in 1973.

Naim began when Julian Vereker started Naim Audio Visual in 1969 and created a sound-to-light box that he hired out to film production companies. His disappointment with the sound of professional recording equipment at the time led him to design his own power amplifier.

Every Naim product is conceived, designed and engineered entirely in service of the sound, revealing a pure experience of music that is as close as possible to its original live source.

Naim believe that the exploration of sound is an adventure that rewards you with a clarity and connection that becomes more powerful the deeper you travel within it.  Which is why, every element within their systems is crafted to create a silence around the sound, reducing any interference between you and the intention of the artist.

Let the voice of Naim take you inside the music… Go Deeper.




Audio Outputs
Line Outputs Fixed (level) 775mV
Analogue 4 x 4-pin DIN
Minimum Load Impedance 10kΩ
Case Black powder coated
Front Bead blasted and black anodised
Shipping Dimensions 210 x 280 x 410 mm
Dimensions (HxWxD) 87 x 207 x 314 mm
Power Supply Options FlatCap XS, HiCap, SuperCap
Supply Voltage 24V
Supplied with
Supplied with SNAIC


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