Neat Acoustics Motive SX-C Centre Channel

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This two and half way centre speaker is voice-matched to the rest of the Motive SX range, providing seamless integration in a multi-channel context.

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Neat Acoustics Motive SX-C

The Neat Acoustics Motive SX-C is a full-range, sealed-box system designed to give flawless performance in as many situations as possible. The fine, articulate voice band and the wide dynamic range preserve all the drama and detail of home cinema recordings.


The Motive SX-C should be used on a rigid platform or stand, placed in a central position beneath (or above) the TV or projection screen. For protection and de-coupling, self adhesive feet (supplied) may be attached to the bottom of the Motive SX-C, or to the supporting surface. Please note, when removed, the self adhesive feet may damage the finish. Alternatively, blu-tack or similar adhesive putty can be used. The blu-tack should be rolled into four small balls (about the size of a pea) and fixed to the bottom of the speaker, near the corners.


The Neat Acoustics Motive SX-C is usually supplied with a single set of terminals for ‘normal’ (single-wire) connection. Just connect the cable from the amplifier to the terminals, ensuring correct polarity.

The Motive SX-C may also be supplied with bi-wiring terminals. This must be specified at the time of ordering. For bi-wire terminals, see below.

Bi-wiring is effected by running two sets of cable from the amplifier output terminals. Connect one set to the lower and one set to the upper terminals on the rear of the speaker. Take care to ensure correct phasing (i.e. red and black connections maintained at amplifier and speaker). Bi-wiring can bring about a significant change in performance but this should be evaluated on an individual basis. Some amplifiers will respond better than others, and personal taste is also a strong factor.


Available in Black Oak. Other finishes are available to special order

About Neat Acoustics

For over twenty years Neat loudspeakers have been hand crafted by a dedicated team based in Teesdale in the north of England. These loudspeakers are widely considered to offer the very best in High-End audio reproduction, regardless of size or price.

An equally dedicated group of distributors and dealers around the world can also demonstrate why, if it’s the ultimate musical experience you seek, Neat is the perfect choice.

Most models are available in a range of superb real wood veneer finishes and special premium finishes can also be specified.

The development of a Neat loudspeaker invariably involves hundreds of hours of listening tests. The Neat listening room is the starting point, though a new design must prove itself in a variety of different rooms and systems before it is signed off for production.

Listening Room

Neat’s unusual take on the art of loudspeaker design involves the process of listening to many different types of music and allowing the music to govern the tuning and voicing of the loudspeaker – to the exclusion of almost all other criteria. In a world where most hifi equipment is designed to conform to a set of widely accepted parameters, Neat’s approach is very refreshing.


Dimensions (HxWxD): 160/470/200mm

Footprint (WxD): 470/200mm

Weight: 10Kg

Shipping Weight:

System type: 21⁄2-way Reflex

Impedance: 6 Ohms

Sensitivity: 86 dB/1 watt

Bandwidth: 45Hz – 30kHz


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