Nordost Blue Heaven Subwoofer Cable

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The Blue Heaven Subwoofer Cable enables hifi enthusiasts to completely integrate their subwoofers with their loudspeakers to create a truly well-rounded experience, highlighting even the lowest frequency extensions on the spectrum.

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Nordost Blue Heaven Subwoofer Cable

The Nordost Blue Heaven Subwoofer Cable consists of four, 22 AWG, solid core, silver-plated, 99.9999% OFC signal conductors and employs an innovative precision FEP extrusion process. The conductors are then covered in a braided shield, addressing any EMI and RFI.

The Nordost Blue Heaven Subwoofer Cable will allow you to integrate low level frequencies while preserving the precision and speed necessary for a well-rounded, seamless, and all-encompassing sound.

Available Configurations:

Straight: standard connection when using a mono setup for the LFE input of a subwoofer—terminated with one connector on each end.

Y: needed when connecting your mono LFE to both channel inputs on your subwoofer—terminated with one connector on the processor end and two connectors on the subwoofer end.

Y to Y: needed in a pure two channel setup—terminated with two connectors on the preamp end and two connectors on the subwoofer end.

About Nordost

Nordost is the premier manufacturer of hifi audio cables and accessories in the consumer electronics industry. In 1991, the company first made a name for itself with its revolutionary, flat audio cables, which used conductor solutions developed from unique technologies originally engineered for the aerospace industry. Since its founding, Nordost has continually pushed industry boundaries, striving to enhance audio technologies and bringing what were once unattainable goals into fruition.

 Over the past two decades, Nordost has grown its product line from just one cutting-edge cable to an extensive, all-encompassing range of hifi audio solutions, including audio and video cables, power products, and resonance control devices. Nordost cables bring the pure, unadulterated reality of a live performance to hifi sound systems, regardless the systems’ price point.

Nordost has implemented a number of groundbreaking processes and developed proprietary technologies in order to ensure that the company maintains the quality that it has become known for. By introducing innovations such as Dual/Micro-Mono Filament, TSC (Total Signal Control) technology, and the new HOLO:PLUG® Connectors, Nordost has become the vanguard of the of the audio cable industry, surpassing its competitors and finding itself on a level of its own.

Each of these innovations come from Nordost’s outstanding engineering and design teams, which, like our offices, are based in Holliston Massachusetts. Nordost is proud to boast that each one of our cables (including the first American-made HDMI and UHD cables) is handcrafted in the United States to serve an international clientele.


Straight – RCAs, Y – XLR, Y – Y RCAs


2m, 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m


Insulation:   Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP)
Construction:   Flat, Parallel
Conductors:   4 x 22 AWG
Material:   Solid core, silver-plated 99.9999% OFC
Capacitance:   60.5 pF/ft (198 pF/m)
Inductance:   0.03 μH/ft (0.10 uH/m)
Overall Shield Coverage:   95%
Velocity of Propagation:   74%
Configuration:   Straight, Y, or Y-Y
Termination:   RCA or XLR


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