Ruark Audio BackPack II Battery Pack

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BackPack II transforms the R1 deluxe tabletop radio and MR1 wireless speakers into completely portable products.

It frees these miniature marvels from the mains power socket and into the bathroom or onto the decking and the great outdoors

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Ruark Audio BackPack II Battery Pack

Placing batteries inside takes valuable speaker capacity which can result in unrefined sound, but Ruark Audio BackPack II allows R1 and MR1 to retain their rich mains powered performance, but with complete portability.

A total evolution of the original, BackPack II attaches seamlessly to R1 and MR1 and once fitted can be left permanently in place as it charges automatically whenever the music systems are connected to a mains power supply. A full charge will deliver up to twelve hours of mains-free listening depending on volume.

About Ruark Audio

Formed in 1985 by Brian and Alan, they used their savings to rent a small unit on a private industrial estate in Rayleigh, Essex, as a workshop to develop and manufacture their first loudspeaker systems. Many hours are spent evolving the sound for which Ruark would ultimately become highly regarded by enthusiasts.

After 14 months development, Alan and Brian launch their first loudspeaker systems called Sabre and Broadsword. With beautiful cabinet work and advance drive unit technology, these systems are soon noticed by the Hi-Fi press and receive critical acclaim.

Ruark initially made speakers until 2004 when they moved in a new direction. With the audio market in turmoil, Alan decides that it would be a good idea to start looking at other avenues. With the growing popularity of DAB in the UK, Alan was looking for a radio for his own use. It appeared that whilst sound quality was important for hi-fi, in radios the sound was often very poor. Seeing a gap in the market a decision was made to start work on developing a high-quality digital radio.

In November 2006, Ruark launch our first tabletop radio to critical acclaim, with the Sunday Telegraph calling it ‘The Aston Martin of DAB radios’. It is decided that they will sell and market the R1 under a different brand-name (Vita Audio), in order to avoid confusion with their loudspeakers. In retrospect, this proves to be a decision that causes quite a bit of confusion with customers and dealers alike.


Model: BP2

Nominal Output: 11.1V

Nominal Capacity: 2200mAh

Input: 14VDC / 1.50A


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