Ruark Audio MR1 Bluetooth Speaker System

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Award-winning MR1 Bluetooth speakers will provide remarkable sound in multiple applications. Flawless as computer speakers, ideal to use with a turntable and a fantastic way to improve the sound of your TV, MR1 Mk2 will fill any room with quality sound without dominating it, making them perfect for music lovers and the design conscious alike.

On their own MR1 provides the foundation of a complete music system and with a turntable you can be part of the vinyl revival. Also with their super high quality aptX Bluetooth receiver, you can wirelessly stream your music to MR1 with CD quality sound.

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Ruark Audio MR1 Bluetooth Speaker System

A Powerful Performance

For the Ruark Audio MR1 we’ve developed custom loudspeaker units to deliver sound performance that belies MR1s compact dimensions. Both the tweeter and bass units feature powerful neodymium motor systems which provide greater magnetic concentration, for better driver control, in a lightweight and fully magnetically shielded system.

Great Connectivity

Voice controlled devices from the likes of Amazon and Google are interesting technologies, but deciding which may be right for you and which will stand the test of time can be daunting. This is a key reason why all our products incorporate Bluetooth and auxiliary inputs, so devices such as these can easily be connected and enjoyed with our products class leading sound. Also when technology changes (which it is bound to) then it is easy for you to upgrade as required.

Sound Perfection

MR1 Mk2 features a linear Class A-B amplifier with a quality switch mode power supply. Linear amplifiers are used in the world’s best audio equipment and in our opinion still offer superior performance when compared to new style digital amplifiers, which often sound unrefined in comparison. Linear amplification is another reason why MR1 sounds so good.

Easy To Control

MR1 Mk2 features a control system which like our other products is slick and intuitive to use, allowing input and volume to be quickly changed, with pin-point LEDs indicating system status and source. In addition, source, volume and functions can be operated and set from the comfort of your chair with the supplied compact remote control.

Always Ready

With auto-standby, MR1 will automatically enter sleep mode if no signal is detected for a few minutes. This feature is particularly useful when using MR1 as a sound system for your TV as they will automatically wake and sleep as and when the TV is turned on or off. For use with computers, this feature can be disabled if required.

Easy Connection

MR1 features both an analogue and optical digital input allowing auxiliary devices to be easily connected. In particular MR1 is an excellent addition to improve the sound of modern flat panel TVs as the optical input provides the perfect connection point. MR1 also features a dedicated subwoofer output allowing an active subwoofer to be connected for extra dynamics in music and awesome movie sound.

Bluetooth At Its Best

Bluetooth’s ease of use has made it the foremost method for wireless audio streaming, working with virtually all devices and leading music services such as Spotify, Apple and Amazon Music . MR1 Mk2 with its high quality aptX Bluetooth receiver allows you to enjoy this technology at its very best with CD quality sound.

A Mini Marvel

The Ruark Audio MR1 is a high fidelity speaker miniaturised and like larger high fidelity speakers, its internal crossover plays a vital role in making it sound so good! Many compact speakers use a basic single component crossover for ease of assemble and cost, but for MR1 we’ve developed a multi component network using the best grade components throughout.

Beautiful And Enduring

MR1 is crafted from materials which we know from our experience provide the best sound quality. The fixed grille is clad in a unique British milled fabric from Camira that met our stringent requirement for both its attractive design and acoustic properties. The careful combination of materials also makes MR1 highly tactile and as good to touch as they are to see and hear.

Duo – Uno

As a pair MR1 sounds amazing, but to make them extra portable MR1 can also be used as a single unit. When the stereo speaker is disconnected MR1 automatically switches to mono operation, making it ideal for taking outside or on holiday. Also with the addition of our optional battery pack (BackPack) you can enjoy MR1 for up to 12 hours free of a mains connection.

About Ruark Audio

Formed in 1985 by Brian and Alan, they used their savings to rent a small unit on a private industrial estate in Rayleigh, Essex, as a workshop to develop and manufacture their first loudspeaker systems. Many hours are spent evolving the sound for which Ruark would ultimately become highly regarded by enthusiasts.

After 14 months development, Alan and Brian launch their first loudspeaker systems called Sabre and Broadsword. With beautiful cabinet work and advance drive unit technology, these systems are soon noticed by the Hi-Fi press and receive critical acclaim.

Ruark initially made speakers until 2004 when they moved in a new direction. With the audio market in turmoil, Alan decides that it would be a good idea to start looking at other avenues. With the growing popularity of DAB in the UK, Alan was looking for a radio for his own use. It appeared that whilst sound quality was important for hi-fi, in radios the sound was often very poor. Seeing a gap in the market a decision was made to start work on developing a high-quality digital radio.

In November 2006, Ruark launch our first tabletop radio to critical acclaim, with the Sunday Telegraph calling it ‘The Aston Martin of DAB radios’. It is decided that they will sell and market the R1 under a different brand-name (Vita Audio), in order to avoid confusion with their loudspeakers. In retrospect, this proves to be a decision that causes quite a bit of confusion with customers and dealers alike.


Rich Walnut Veneer, Soft Grey Lacquer



Class leading sound quality

Hand crafted bass reflex tuned and damped enclosures

Ruark Audio long throw 75mm woofer with powerful neodymium magnet system

Ruark Audio 20mm treated textile dome tweeter with neodymium magnet system

Linear Class A-B Amplifier, 20 watts nominal output

Audio grade components throughout

2m quality braided speaker interconnect

Loudness function provides enhanced sound at low volume levels

Auto mono operation (can also be used as a single unit)



Built in high quality Bluetooth Audio receiver with aptX provides CD quality sound with compatible devices



Intuitive control system

Pin-point LEDs show system status and source

Compact infrared remote control included



Auto Mono for use as a single speaker

Snooze mode for auto-standby and wake-up

Inserts on rear panel (1/4-20 UNC thread) for wall-mount brackets



Digital optical TOSLINK input with adjustable attenuation

Output for active subwoofer

Line-in audio input with switchable attenuation



Rich Walnut veneer with Camira Lead Grey fabric grille

Soft Grey lacquer with Camira Lead Grey fabric grille



100-240VAC, 50-60Hz input, 14VDC 2.0A output



H170 × W130 × D135mm each



3.5 Kg per pair


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