Tellurium Q Blue II Speaker Cable – Factory Terminated

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Tellurium Blue II is the entry level speaker cable that was designed to be the companion to Tellurium Q Black and has been described by one well known manufacturer of speakers as having “good mid, but softer sounding” than the Tellurium Black. While having great detail and phase control is less revealing of a system than the Black.

Tellurium Q Blue II Speaker Cable is priced per mono meter. For example if you want a 4m pair you order Tellurium Q Blue II speaker cable – factory terminated 4m x 2.


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Tellurium Q Blue II Speaker Cable – Factory Terminated

Tellurium Q Blue II Speaker Cable is priced per mono meter. For example if you want a 4m pair you order Tellurium Q Blue speaker II cable – factory terminated 4m x 2.
HiFi World has described the most noticeable qualities of this cable as being, “a welcome absence of muddle..” and, “a more neutral, focused, precise aura settled on the music. In fact the Blue cables exhibited a tremendous sense of control; something that I’ve never heard from any cable at this price point.”

Blue Family

Warm and forgiving for systems with a slight edge or for those who like a more smooth laid back presentation. Blue and Ultra Blue are especially good for AV and home cinema.


About Tellurium Q

People have been asking how Tellurium Q® came about and what we are doing to make our products work so differently from what is currently available. This has caused us problems because there are trade secrets and production methodologies that we definitely do not want to share with our competitors. I think that sometimes we are too much on the side of caution and that causes reviewers and our distributors a little problem.

What do they say? What is the story to give our customers, a hook, a reason to listen when there are so many companies claiming big things? Why should people believe that we have a genuinely different approach? Yes a client can hear this is true within seconds of listening but the big problem is giving people a reason to want to listen having not yet heard the cable.

In the UK this is not such a big problem as more and more people are giving their feedback to their friends and Tellurium Q® is spreading rapidly by word of mouth as much as from the remarkable reviews.

In the very early days of Tellurium Q® Geoff made up many of the prototypes himself, building a sizeable number of the cables that customers own. This experience coupled with his understanding of material science, allowed for an extensive mental-database and thus, the ability to visualise simulations of various materials, configurations and how they would probably behave. A huge short cut to the iterative design of physical cables. The shear volume of work has been made manageable by this ‘mind hack’ shortcut.

The team at Tellurium Q® always have a lot of work in the pipeline and this approach has been invaluable to the cause of delivering coherent and reliable results.


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