Rega Turntable Service


As part of our Rega Turntable Service we can service all current & legacy Rega turntables.

If your turntable isn’t performing to the same level it once was, you’ve discovered an issue or you think it could sound better than currently does, it’s time to bring it in for a service.

We can suggest upgrades for your turntable, for example letting you know which cartridge will take the performance to the next level, whilst still being a good match for the deck and the rest of your kit. We have the full Rega turntable range on demonstration so you can compare your existing turntable to the it’s modern equivalent or even the next level up.

If you decide that a Rega turntable service isn’t going to bring your deck to the level you want we can offer you a trade in value for it against a new purchase, turntable or other equipment.

Our Rega turntable service costs £89, and includes:

  • New Drive Belt
  • New Oil
  • Assess all screws and bolts
  • Advice and suggestions

To book your Rega turntable in for a service:
Tel: 020 8440 9509